Welcome to Inverness Auction Centre.

Our auctions are currently closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

However our farm shop is still open.

We sell a variety of different food hampers with fruit, veg or meat,

 as well as a selection of everyday essential goods.

We also offer a COMPLETELY CONTACT FREE delivery service. 

Any payment for the product you buy,

(including small delivery cost), is taken at the time of order over the phone.

We accept credit and debit cards. 

When the delivery drivers comes to your house, your product is placed on the doorstep.

 The driver will then knock your door AND STEP BACK. 

They will then wait for you to answer the door. 

This way we know you have the goods you have paid for. 

This is the safest delivery method for everybody. 

We can also make up bespoke orders for you too.

Please ask. 


Here are a selection of hampers we sell. 

OAP / Isolation hamper -  £25.

Family vegetable hamper  -  £25.

Family combination hamper, (including a selection of meat)  -  £35.

Fruit box  -  £12.

If there are items in the hampers you do not like we will do our best to substitute where possible.  

We can also make up custom orders too, please ask. 

OAP / Isolation hamper - £25.

1/2 Kg New potatoes,

1/2 Kg Potatoes, (Rooster/Maris Piper),

1/2 Kg Carrots,


2 Apples,

2 Oranges,

1 Leek,

1 Tomato

100g Mushrooms,

6 Sausages,

2 Large chicken breast,

Packet of bacon,(4 rashers),

Block of cheese, 180g,

4 Yoghurts,

Pack of butter,

1 litre of milk,

40 Tea bags,

Loaf of bread, (400g),

Packet of chocolate biscuits,

6 Eggs. 

Family vegetable hamper  -  £25.

2 Kg Rooster potatoes,

1Kg Carrots,


Sweet potato,




6 Onions,

2 Oranges,

3 Apples,

3 Tomatoes,

Large pepper,

Bulb of garlic,

200g Mushrooms,

1 Leek,

White loaf, (800g),

2 Litres of milk,

6 Eggs.

Family combination hamper  -  £35.

(Includes a selection of meat).

2 Kg Rooster potatoes,

6 Large carrots,



3 Onions,

Bulb of garlic,

3 Tomatoes,

400g Pasta OR  Rice,

Large loaf,(800g),

2 Litres milk,

6 Eggs,

Carton of buttery spread,

3 Apples,

Packet of chocolate biscuits,

4 Large chicken breast,

8 Rashers of bacon,

6 Sausages,

500g Mince,

4 Slices black pudding. 

Fruit box  -  £12.


Box of blueberries,

Box of raspberries,

3 Oranges,

3 Bananas,

3 Pears,

3 Apples,

3 Kiwi,

1 Lemon,

Bunch of grapes.


Items may be substituted according to availability. 

If items have to be substituted, you will still receive the equivalent of £12 worth of fruit. 

Inverness Auction Centre farm shop

 opening hours. 

Monday to Friday,  10.30 am  - 5 pm.

01667 460066

If you cannot get an answer on the phone, 

please leave a message with your name AND contact number. 

We WILL ring you back. 

Areas we deliver to. 

We can deliver to Inverness, Nairn, Dyke, Auldearn, Forres, North Kessock, Culbokie, Muir of Ord, Dingwall, Alness and as far North as Invergordon. 

We have a small team of volunteer drivers working with us. 

They are not only helping us pick the orders but they are delivering them too. 

We therefore ask for a small delivery charge to cover their fuel costs. 

Typical delivery cost for Inverness is £2.

If we are delivering further then cost could be either £3.50 or £5. 

You will be advised of your delivery cost when we speak with you on the phone at time of order.  


Our auction has now closed temporarily until further notice. 

We have done this on the instructions of the government due to the current Coronavirus pandemic. 

Auctions will start again when we are legally allowed to do so. 

Any customer who has either bought or sold items in our auctions will be effected by this.  

No payments to customer who have sold items will be made until we are open again.

We respectfully ask for your understanding in this matter.